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Insanity workout is a challenging workout program which does not require any special equipment and you do not have to visit a gym in order to follow it. With this program, you are exercising at home only by using your body weight for the exercises. The main concept behind this workout program is using the max interval training method for doing the exercises. With this method, you are doing intense exercises within short time period and then you give your body longer rest between exercises. That way you are increasing your fitness levels and burning your fat quickly. The cost of the program is total of $120, divided into three monthly payments. If you are a beginner then you need to avoid this program because the workouts are very extreme. All of the workouts are designed for those who are in top physical shape and want to further improve. It is not for beginners because you risk an injury if you put a lot of stress to your body.

Insanity workout program consists of ten different workouts. Every workout requires up to one hour to fully complete and you need to practice them for six days in a week. The entire program lasts sixty days and you need to change your exercise schedule every week. In the first month you have five different workouts – plyometrics, upper body resistance, pure cardio, cardio abs and recovery. After you complete all of this, you need to get one week rest before proceeding with the exercises in the second month. The second month workout is usually less intense and a bit easier than the first month. In the second month you will be focusing on four different workouts – max interval circuit, max interval plyo, max cardio conditioning and max recovering.

You should remember that intensity workout program is a very intense program with very little rest. Even those that are in good physical shape may experience some difficulties when they start working out under this program. Being a workout for the total body means that with Intensity Workout program all your cores, arms, legs and back are used for exercising. Your overall strength will gradually increase and all your body areas will be impacted. If you are interested in doing some serious cardio workouts, sculpt your muscles and burn a lot of calories then Insanity Workout is the right program for you.

Intensity Workout fitness program is not for everyone and especially not for those people that have some health issues or are taking some medications. If you have some medical condition you should consult a doctor and get approval if you want to proceed with intense training. Do not try this program if you have some heart-related problems, arthritis, knee or back pain. This is because the high intensity program puts a lot of stress on the joints, so if you have any of the mentioned conditions it is better for you to choose less challenging workout programs.

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