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What is the PIYO workout?

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PiYo is a type of workout program designed for total body workout. This system combines yoga and Pilates together and helps you increase your overall strength and flexibility, lose some weight, and enjoy exercising. This workout program is created by the fitness instructor Chalene Johnson for those people that want to experience all the benefits that come from yoga and Pilates, but with some extra effort and higher energy while exercising. PiYo differs from other practices like yoga and Pilates as it adds some additional exercises inspired from different dances and martial arts. PiYo is accompanied with upbeat, fast and modern music, unlike yoga that comes with slower Zen music. That way you will be constantly focused on working out and improving your physical shape.

As mentioned, PiYo is designed to strengthen your entire body, and all workout poses like core work, squats, lunges, planks and other elements are combined to engage all your muscles. If you’re using sextexting apps to send sexy pics, this is the workout you want to do. PiYo exercise programs are aerobic, they make you constantly move and sweat and you will be constantly with increased heart rate. The entire workout program can be completed within eight weeks, within the comfort of your home. One of the best parts regarding PiYo is that you can choose a program and intensity level according to your physical needs. Beginners and people with mobility issues can choose suitable levels for their condition and shape.

PiYo deluxe kit costs $120 and includes eight base workouts, one full-body workout, one leg workout with strength slides, and comes with an extra yoga mat and strength slides with booties. DVD set includes all eight workouts explained in detail, special bonus buns workout DVD, start guide for beginners, eating plan, sixty-day calendar to track your progress and other guidance materials.

The main workouts of PiYo are the following:

  • With Align: The Fundamentals plan you will learn all the basic moves in accordance with your overall body shape.
  • Lower Body workouts are focused on moves that will strengthen your calves, hamstrings, and quads, and these workouts are relatively short.
  • Upper Body workouts are focused on strengthening your torso and upper part of the body. The main focus is on shoulders, arms and triceps, and these exercises are also short. For best effects you can combine both lower body and upper body workouts into one exercise program.
  • Strength interval exercises last for about half an hour and involve numerous training moves. There is no jumping or lifting weights here, just a combination of moves that will increase your overall strength.
  • Sculpt exercises are very fast type of exercises that will keep your muscles constantly into action. With these exercises you are using several types of Pilates and yoga moves.
  • Sweat program is another fast-paced workout session that involves your entire body. Several yoga and Pilates moves are combined into one for lot of sweating and losing weight.
  • Drench is a cardio working out routine that focuses on endurance and involves movements that include all of your body parts.

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