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Detail guide to the T25 workout                  

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If you want to exercise at home instead of going to gym, you should know that you have some great options available. One great workout program with which you can exercise at home is called T25 or Focus T25. The main concept behind this workout program is doing exercises that will take just 25 minutes of your time, but will deliver same results as if you have worked out for an hour. This DVD workout program has been created by the fitness trainer Shaun T, who is also responsible for creating the Workout Insanity video series.

T25 workout program is created to last for ten weeks and is divided into phases. All ten workouts last 25 minutes each and you do not need any special exercise equipment. The program is consisted of alpha and beta phases, and there is also a gamma phase for those that wish to continue working out with some weights involved. The gamma phase also comes with a diet plan with which you can lose weight faster.

The alpha phase features five different workouts – cardio workout, speed, total body circuit, abdomen intervals and lower focus. You start working out by focusing on one workout for four straight days and then on the fifth day you workout two other exercises. Sixth day is for resting and seventh day is for stretching.

After you finish with the alpha phase, you proceed towards the more difficult beta phase. This phase also involves five different 25 minute workouts – core cardio, speed, ripped circuit, dynamic core and upper focus. In every of the videos, the instructor Shaun is giving you instructions for one area at a time – cardio, lower body, upper body, until your area is fully worked out and fatigued. You work on one group of muscles at a time before proceeding further. For example, when your arms get exhausted you continue working out your abs. There is no rest between workout sessions, so expect some high-intensity training.

T25 is about doing as many exercises as possible within the given time period, and usually one exercise lasts for about a minute. That makes this program very attractive to those who are new to exercising. You can modify your workouts if you have some injuries that prevent you to work in full force and all exercises come with warm-ups.

The entire DVD set of T25 program costs $120, but you can get it currently for a half of that price, with three monthly payments of $20. As mentioned, this workout program is great for beginners, but if you are a beginner it is best to focus on your own pace and do not try to follow the pace of the instructors on the DVD. T25 workout program is an intense workout program that has high impact on your body. There is no rest during the 25 minute working out session, so sometimes even those that are in good shape and have experience in working out may find it challenging. Start slowly, modify the exercises and enjoy working out with T25.

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